NPMMA Studio

Our Story


Nestled in the picturesque Taranaki region, our Martial Arts Gym offers more than just sports – it’s a gateway to personal transformation and community empowerment. Founded in 2019, by a group of passionate international competitors from a diverse range of Martial Codes, our Studio has evolved into a hub for people of all backgrounds seeking positive change through Martial Arts.

Martial Arts aren’t just about full-contact combat; they’re a vehicle for building resilience, strength, and a sense of belonging. Our team of highly qualified coaches is dedicated to harnessing the power of Martial Arts to empower individuals and foster more connected communities.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your journey, the New Plymouth MMA Studio caters to all aspirations and abilities. From enhancing your fitness and self-confidence to cultivating discipline and social skills, Martial Arts offers a transformative path for personal growth.

Our welcoming timetable boasts a range of classes to suit various interests – Fitness, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, and Kids classes, with more exciting options on the horizon.

Inclusivity lies at the heart of our gym, with a space thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of all demographics. Here, individuals of all ages and backgrounds come together to train, learn, and thrive in a supportive and accepting environment.

Our team culture revolves around holistic well-being, open communication, accountability, and mutual respect. We encourage everyone to leave egos and political opinions at the door, creating a harmonious and inclusive atmosphere for all.

If our vision resonates with you, we invite you to embark on your Martial Arts journey with us, by following the contact us button below, or CLICK HERE to arrange a Trial. Take a step towards personal growth and a stronger community bond and reach out to us now.

Come and experience the positive energy of the New Plymouth MMA Studio, explore the enriching possibilities, and witness the impact of Martial Arts on your life. Check out our timetable below to find the class that aligns with your goals. Join us as we embrace the transformative power of Martial Arts, together.


Our Prices

Adults Full Membership – $35/week (10 week minimum contract – access to all adult classes).

Adults Concession – $200 (Valid for 6 months – access to 10 calendar days of adult classes). 

Adults Week Pass – $50 (access to 1 week of adult classes). 

Adults Casual Fee – $25 (access to 1 calendar day of adult classes).

Kids/Youth/Cadets Membership – $16/week (10 week minimum contract – access to 1 class per week).

Cadets Full Membership – $42/week (10 week minimum contract – access to all 3 cadets classes).

meet our team

Jesse Puata

Coach Developer

Rhys Izett

Business Manager/
Head Coach

Marina Puata-Tkalia

Operations Manager

Jordan Carr

Head Kickboxing Coach

Nick Daly

Head Wrestling Coach

Sean Redgrave

Senior Coach

Daniel Bellows

Senior BJJ Coach

Lee-Anne Friar

Assistant Coach

Paul Neumann

Assistant Coach

Studio Entrance

74 Powderham Street

New Plymouth

(Basement Level of the old YWCA)

Our hours

Refer to class timetable for opening hours.

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